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Book Excerpt:

"Lying on her bed at home, Sadie stared quietly at the journal in front of her and continued to think about the many famous African-Americans who helped to make a difference in the world."


It's Black History month at Southside Elementary School in South Carolina and Mrs. Dixon assigns her fourth grade class to write about the individual that they most admire.  For Sadie Barnes, that's easier said than done.  "There were so many famous artists, scientists, abolitionists, athletes and pioneers from various fields throughout history, so how could she pick just one?"  Sadie wondered.  Little does she realize, the answer is right in front of her.


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Kids learn best through play, and what better place to play than the great outdoors? This preschool activity book delivers hands-on projects that are easy to set up outside and inspire creative thinking. Little ones will strengthen their skills in letters, numbers, social development, and more with this standout among outdoor books. Supplement preschool learning with engaging activities kids can do at the park, beach, or backyard, and set the foundation for independent play.

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